Everyone wants their love relationship to be successful. Understanding the seven signs of relationship success are essential to creating a great relationship that continues to strengthen over time.

1. Commit to Love

Today, relationships are ever changing yet the basis of all love relationships stays the same: Love. Love, however is more than just an emotion. It’s an attitude that you take towards your partner and is founded in trust and commitment. Love is trusting that your partner loves you back. Love is trusting your relationship is rock-solid and you are both committed 100%.

2. Be Open Hearted

Healthy couples require a high emotional connection and the best way to achieve this is to share yourself fully with your partner. By sharing the day’s highlights and discovery moments keeps couples connected and growing together.

3. Trust Your Love Relationship’

Disagreements are healthy components of all relationships. It’s how we handle them that matters. Trusting your relationship’s foundation of love is essential to overcoming misunderstandings. Asking yourself “What would love do in this situation?” is great way to stay in your heart and be open to compromises and solutions.

4. Make More Love

Sexual and non-sexual touch is a beautiful aspect of human relationships. Physical touch brings couples together and intimacy creates deep bonds that are founded in mutual vulnerability, respect and trust. Vulnerability creates deep connections that profoundly bond both partners.

5. Own Your Emotions

Emotional awareness and sensitivity are key to keeping relationships on track. By owning your emotional reactions and digging deep to heal your issues helps to avoid blaming your partner. Yes they might have been the trigger…but you own the emotional reaction. Processing your emotions and sharing your growth with your partner strengthens love and commitment.

6. Regularly Address All Elephants in the Room

Elephants in the room are more common than most will admit. Otherwise they won’t be elephants! Issues that everyone knows are present, but no one dares to talk about. Addressing elephants as soon as they arise and making it a common and safe activity, builds trust and a deeper understanding of each other’s thinking.

7. Share to Your Partner First

If you want your partner to be your one and only, then they need to also be your closest friend. Of course share your highs and lows with your close friends, but your desire to share with your partner first, is a great indicator of your relationship focus and connection.
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