Chakra Balancing


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60 minutes private consultation session for RM486 nett

The condition of your seven chakras affects your emotions, physical body and in fact, your whole life.

Consider these situations: reading sessions. Our sessions which are available online and offline will help you to:
• Have you been having lower back pain and/or feel that financial security is impossible? You need to work on your root chakra.
• Have you been fearing taking creative risks and/or having issues with your urinary/ reproductive systems? This is related to your sacral chakra.
• Have you been having digestive problems and/or feel you are not good enough? Or do you feel you are better than everyone else? Either way, it is time for chakra balancing for your solar plexus.

Blocked or energy deficient chakras can have a negative impact on you. It causes imbalances, blockages and even unwanted behavioural patterns. You may suffer from fatigue, fears and confusion. Would you like to ensure this does not happen to you?

Your chakras should be of the right colour, size (neither too big nor too small) and aligned. This way energy will be able to flow easily through you.

Chakra balancing helps in ensuring your chakras are functioning well and in a harmonious state. By doing this no-touch therapy session, you will:
• Feel more energetic and vibrant
• Have more self-confidence and self-worth
• Sense more balance between body and mind

Practitioner: Low Sheau Shy