Cosmic Lemuria Light Immersion


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Cosmic Light Healing restores balance and harmony in your life. Cosmic energy is responsible for maintaining order and balance throughout the entire cosmos. It raises and expands the vibration level of your energy clearing negative thoughts and feelings attached and referred to as the life force.
– Weave Cosmic & Lemuria energy to rebalance your inner being
– Transform anxiety, depression, and stress into harmony
– Clear & strengthen the Chi pathways in your body
– Expand our consciousness & enhance body rejuvenation

Cosmic Lemuria Light Immersion – Level 2 
Every energy in the space has light codes that look like geometry.
Each of us holds a unique geometry light code. This code represents a higher spiritual part of us that we have forgotten. By remembering this magnificent light code, you may unlock a massive abundance part of yourself.

  • Channel personal light codes
  • Using these codes to unlock the cosmic self
    Imbue your crystal with cosmic light codes to amplify your creation power


Practitioner: Beatrice Lee