Energy Healing


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60 minutes private consultation session for RM371 nett
Imagine a place you can go to for solutions and to let go of all the unnecessary energetic burdens you have been carrying.

These could be made up of anxieties, heartaches, frustrations and other negative emotions. All of which do not serve you. You are meant to be at peace, filled with joy, hope and more positive emotions.

Energy healing aims to bring you back to this beautiful state.

During the session your healer will transfer energy from the universe to you. This is a non-religious, no-touch and no-drugs involved therapy.

Most clients leave feeling energetically lighter.

When you come for our energy healing, you will receive insights as to what you need to do next and how to stop repeating patterns that don’t serve you. For clients who wish to go deeper, the root cause of their issue will be revealed. You will be empowered to tackle life afresh.

Drop by for an energy healing session to:
• Balance the energy flow in your body
• Improve the quality of your life
• Understand what changes you need to make in life

Practitioner: Sheela Prabhakaran