Fire Up Your Self Worth

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When you see yourself as a small being, life gives you small returns. This could be a conscious or unconscious habit.
Now is the time to rise up, to shine bright and to leave your mark on the world.
Ask yourself this question – “Am I really comfortable voicing out my thoughts, ideas and emotions?” More importantly, ask, “Can I do it with total belief in myself?”
Confidence and absolutely believing in yourself is important in all areas of life. Here’s why:
– In the workplace, it helps you succeed.
– In relationships, it gives you freedom to be who you are.
– In your heart, you will allow yourself to receive the best in life.
In this session, you will:
– realise what affected your self-worth.
– clear old energies that no longer serve you.
– discover ways to improve on your self-worth.

Practitioner: Sheela Prabhakaran