Forgive For-Ever


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Have there been times when you thought you had forgiven a person, but their past actions still bother you?

Or do you have looping thoughts of old unpleasant incidents?

These may be causing you obvious emotional pain. They may also be the reason for some of your ailments and physical pain.

There’re easy energetic ways to make your peace with people and unpleasant memories. By releasing them, you gain your freedom.

It is possible to truly forgive so that those old memories don’t bother you anymore. Create a better life for yourself by joining practitioner Sheela as she guides you to:

– let go of hurts and grudges that you are holding on to
– make your peace energetically with people and situations
– understand some of the root causes/lessons the people and situations have brought into your life

Practitioner: Sheela Prabhakaran