Healing & Clarity Session


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60 minutes private consultation session for RM486 nett

Are you constantly living in fear?

Are you feeling lack of confidence?

Do you have billions of questions about life?

I previously suffered from low self-esteem and was constantly living in fear, which resulted in having looping of negative thoughts and emotions. I felt completely lost. Now, after embarking on a self-discovery journey in 2009, I regained my clarity & trust towards life. From there, I rebuilt my confidence & self-esteem. Taking a bonus with me where I am constantly live a purposeful life in peace and happy.

In this session:

  • Finding, realised & unroot the cause of your fear & lack of confidence
  • Empowerment through regain your self-confidence & re-connection to self
  • Gain clarity towards what you want in life
  • Feel peace, confidence & be happy again
  • Live a purposeful life

Practitioner: Low Sheau Shy