Healing Your Inner Child


When was the last time you felt passion, a sense of adventure, curiosity and complete joy in life?

Your Inner child is very important. Because without him/ her, you may find life seems meaningless or unfulfilled. When you were a child, everything was possible and you were fearless.

As an adult, you may have developed awareness of certain habits which act as vicious negative cycles and indicate that your inner child is wounded. If you have low self-esteem, feelings of abandonment, feel emotionally imbalanced, have frustrations, rigidness or feel weak when it comes to boundaries, eating disorders, fluctuating moods or a poor body image, these are symptoms which should not be ignored.

You may be struggling to find your identity, want to feel loved, acknowledged and pretend to be happy when inside something is deeply hurting you. By re-establishing the connection with your inner child once again, you are able to regain the courage, creativity and feel the joy of your existence.

Workshop Benefits:
– Be guided through the 3 stages of your life
– Discover the root cause and break free from emotional blocks
– Heal your Ancestral Family Tree and karmic patterns
– Liberate yourself from past traumatic experiences

Price: RM699
Early Bird Price: RM499
Refresher: RM180
*ex sst

*Refreshments & notes are included*

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Practitioner: Beatrice Lee