Heart Core Communication


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Communication is the heart of any relationship be it at work or personal. As many struggle with it instead of communicating many of us choose to be silent as they don’t want to rock the boat and make matters worse. At the end it creates more issues and lead to relationship breakdown. Heart Core Communication is beyond expressing your voice and communicating your need and want. It’s about creating a safe space for an open communication to happen and open the way to build a lasting relationship with anyone.

What you will learn:
• Free yourself from past hurts, suppressed emotions and self-limiting belief
• Open your heart to communicate your truth with freedom, clarity and sincerity.
• Create a safe space for communication to happen.
• Resolve conflicts and bring harmony back into your relationship.

This session is for you if you:
• Can’t speak up
• Can’t express your opinion and what you want
• Suppressed your feelings
• Feel not heard
• Feel not confident to express yourself
• Feel misunderstood or hard to understand
• Feel hopeless and “no point” to communicate
• Feel your words hurt others
• Feel stuck, stress, anxious, angry, frustrated
• Avoid conflicts
• You talk a lot but feel people don’t listen
• Have people told you “you don’t listen”
• Suppress your emotion through excessive smoking, eating, drinking alcohol
• Have issues like toothache, coughing, mouth ulcers, breathing
• Feel unsupported