Heart to Heart Connections


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60 minutes private consultation session for RM486 nett
Are you feeling confused about life?

Do you have billions of questions about life?

I believe life is beyond what I can see through my eyes & physical experience. Since young, I have this little voice (intuition) in me saying I am bigger than who I think I am. I often ask What is life? Why am i here? What is my purpose? Nobody seems to know the answer until year 2009, everything changed when I embarked into self-discovery journey. I regained the connection to my Inner-self which allows me to connect all the missing pieces in my life. This reconnection with my Inner-self enhanced my heart senses which have empowered me with clarity & wisdom of life.

In this session:

  • Guide & lead you to re-connect back to your heart
  • Learn to trust your intuition / gut feel
  • Learn to integrate living your day to day life with your intuition
  • Empower & inspire yourself with your own inner wisdom of life
  • Open your heart sense through healing your hurt / wound
Practitioner: Low Sheau Shy