Integration of Human Intelligence


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How can we even live life to the fullest when we are living only as a fraction of who we are?

Since the day we were born, we have mostly been exposed to intellectual learning. From family upbringing to education in school and university, we have been taught to process
everything in life intellectually – our mental self. This is our logical, analytical self.

However, along our journey of life, we have experienced emotional pain and trauma that cannot be processed intellectually. These emotions are invisible and yet the experience from these is undeniable. That is our emotional self. Look around and you can see that many of us are living only as our emotional self and drowning in it.

Ultimately, there is one crucial driving force that keeps our body alive. This force is our essence, our vitality – our soul.

Most of us may believe in the soul’s existence, and yet it remains an ambiguous concept. We know it intellectually and yet we don’t live it. Thus, most of us are living only as a fraction of ourselves. And not as a whole self.

This class is designed to:
– Reclaim your true potential as a creator of life – this is your birth right!
– Demystify spirituality and reality – you can live a balance life!
– Reveal the symbiotic relationships between all different selves – so you can start to design the life you want!
– Integrate all facets of you – so that you can start living life to the fullest!

Practitioner: Sky Kho

Practitioner: Michele Chong