Journey To Ancient Egypt


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The Ancient Egyptians are known for their divine wisdom, power, inter-dimensions and meta-physics knowledge. They lived a rich and extraordinary life: a life full of abundance, pure love, compassion and great joy! Many temples are dedicated for healing of a person’s mind, body or soul. One of the main temples is called The Temple of Rejuvenation. It is a sacred temple where priestesses practice their art and skills to bring healing and rejuvenation to people who came for healing.

As the energies in our planet shift, we are ready to tap into this powerful ancient Egyptian wisdom and power.

In this Journey into Ancient Egypt Meditation, Beatrice will bring you on a mystical journey of guided visualization and crystal geometries. You will be working with the energy and blessings of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, their temples and symbols.

In this Journey into Ancient Egypt, you will:
1. Transport back in time and re-connect with your divine god/ goddess selves
2. Re-claim your hidden past gifts & power
3. Heal your karmas that was trapped in your DNA from Ancient Egyptian civilization