Light Weaving Energy


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60 minutes private consultation session for RM378 nett

It is a process of shifting of energy in our body in different levels.

The Light Weaving is a connection between your health and body in respect of a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. As we all know everything is connected. Any form of manifestation of pain or discomfort is a creation form in your body.

In Light Weaving session, your body and the energy in the body flow in a form of weave to release blockages that you may have manifested consciously and unconsciously over the years. The energy travels to different points in your body through a system of energy movement to remove blockages.

For the Light Energy Weave to be effective, we don’t have know what exactly that mental/emotional stuff is. The Weave will weave right through the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and body.
Have an open mind. The more healing energy you will experience.

The light energy can also be done in via distance healing.

How is it done:
• Communicate to understand about your blockages.
• Lie down or in a sitting position on a chair and get comfortable.
• Ask your permission to establish a link of Light Energy and permission for the healing.
• This permission allows to connect the link between our Higher Self and communicate with the body of client throughout the entire session.
• The process is by touching points in the body and correspond with points on the body, and guiding the energy to reactivate the connections in places that have become blocked. If client not comfortable to be touched at the body, can just touch at the shoulder.
• This process is a weave in visualization, breathwork including a guided meditation, and music that elicits particular brain-states of relaxation and healing.

After the session, you might experience sensations of lightness, clarity, and feel deeply grounded. You may feel like an energy/electric sensation when the points in the body being touched.

Have an open mind and experience the healing energy to the maximum.

Practitioner: Saidatul Nadziah