New Consciousness Series


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The earth is calling for a change. We are witnessing the awakening process globally. More and more people are waking up everyday, to reevaluate what is important to them in their lives, to rebalance priorities in life and to even search for higher purposes in life. However, if we can’t go beyond our current survival consciousness of fear, insecurity and doubts, we will never rise to the new consciousness of creation. Most of us are still living and functioning in this old consciousness while the Earth is ready for us to pick up new consciousness of creation.

With global awakening, Sky has gotten his calling to help shift old survival consciousness of humanity. Current energy of the Earth has enabled higher DNA efficiency in all of us. This enables us to easily shift our old consciousness with mere intention and permission. Allowing us to effortlessly let go of our old belief systems, releasing deep traumas and changing daily habits. We can now rewrite our mental and emotional blueprints in greater depth.

This series of 6 classes is designed to help facilitate the shift of consciousness from survival to creation. We will be “upgrading” your consciousness of self, abundance and health like never before!

Your readiness to let go of your ideologies and belief systems of yourself and your life.

1. Effortlessly let go of our old belief systems
2. Release deep traumas and change your daily habits.
3. Rewrite mental and emotional blueprints in greater depth.

12 Dec @ 2- 4pm
22 Jan @ 3 – 5pm
19 Feb @ 3 – 5pm
27 Mar @ 2- 4pm
24 Apr @ 2- 4pm
29 May @ 2- 4pm

Practitioner: Sky Kho