Private Consultation with Michele Chong


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*This exclusive offer is only for residents residing in Malaysia.*
Private session can select 1 from the options below:

A) Sound Vibrational Therapy

Sound therapy is a neurologically-based approach which can be used to sculpt structures and shift consciousness. It has the specific ability to affect a person’s psychological and neurological state.

Through the specific vibrations that affect the body’s nervous system, sound therapy can be used to enhance the immune system by improving lymphatic circulation and increasing oxygenation of the blood and cells. By using the intervals of sound, the resonance of sound is able to realign the living matrix, the nervous system and restore the body’s own harmonic pattern.

Apart from healing the physical body, sound therapy has the powerful ability to heal the emotional and mental self. In the session, Michele will use a mixing method of sound to allow the client to identify and recognise his/ her own root issue which is causing current emotional conflict. She will also assist client to do a self-reflection and to release the trapped emotions. Emotional healing through sound has been shown scientifically to work for most people and it helps to alter their state of consciousness too.

1. Synchronise the left and right brain frequencies to help to reduce stress, migraine, insomnia, depression and improve concentration.

2. Restore health, stimulate the appropriate meridians in order to balance the energy flow to the various parts of the body.

3. Re-pattern and renew the body cells to achieve detoxing of organs.

4. Achieve quicker recovery from illness, traumas and invasive medical treatment such as cancer, chronic illness, hearing problems etc.


B) Biofield Clearing Therapy

Our Biofield often contains unconscious wounds, trauma, core fears, limiting beliefs, cellular memories, emotions, and even inherited and ancestral patterns that get trapped in our energy field and cause physical and emotional imbalances. They can limit our success in all aspects of our lives, including relationships, health, and even financial success.

Biofield Clearing is a powerful new 3-part healing system that uses 18 charts and specific methods to easily identify and clear these challenges, or negative influences from our energy field, deep into our subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as our DNA. During the session, Michele will identify an individual’s body and frequency state and design different sets of frequency or sound to break the resistance in the body’s electrical system and retune the frequency of the body and the biofield through specific brass pendulums and sound vibrations, making it possible for the individual to activate inaccessible potential and move forward with a more empowered and balanced perspective.

During the process, Michele will be able to pinpoint to a specific age and type of memory through accessing the individual’s biofield and the charts.  For example, one might find a strong sense of sadness at age 6 or birth trauma at the outer edge of the biofield. As the biofield dissonance subsides, clients generally report feeling “lighter” and a diminishment or resolution of their symptoms. Some of them will get very significant change in their life areas such as career, relationship and health, just after two or three sessions.

This is also a form of cellular alchemy, a process of transmutation which helps us to reunite with our Divinity or original form. We can transform stuck emotions and energies into something beneficial, increasing our vibration included clearing other realms’ blockages.

You’ve probably heard of techniques to clear ‘trapped emotions’, or ‘tapping’, or using positive affirmations, or the right mindset, which can all be helpful, but they do NOT clear out these hidden energies. Now you can change your life by take this to whole new, deeper levels of transformation therapeutic process with Michele. We are more than just physical bodies that hold emotions. We have our core challenges and limitations.

Releasing these blocks often result in the sudden disappearance of:
1. physical health problems (Eg: chronic pains)
2. relationship difficulties
3. financial/abundance difficulties
4. spiritual ascension
5. vows and clearing of past realms

*Private session redemption valid from 11 March 2021 until 16 March 2021
*Arrangement for private consultation appointment is subject to consultant availability on first come, first serve basis

*Payment made is not refundable  
*This special offer is only applicable to residents in Malaysia