Quantum Sound Healing


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Every body cell carries its own electromagnetic field and they are highly responsive to frequency and vibration changes around us and within us. Enter into the world of quantum sound energy, where deep body rejuvenation takes place and where the mind is refreshed & life force is renewed.

In a specially crafted session, Sky and Michele will be combining quantum energy with healing frequency (through quantum frequency and sound vibrations) to create a harmonic resonance deep within the DNA molecules, thus allowing our bodies to re-establish the right vibration for healthy cells. In addition, this session will help you to alter your state of the consciousness in order to activate the quantum mechanics field of the brain and help you to break through the intelligence limits.

Quantum sound vibrations are able to penetrate into your quantum field of cells and help to adjust the vibrations through activating the body energy points and exerting its influence on specific cellular functions. Explore this special therapeutic process which will impact both your inner and outer being, and bring new changes to your life and health.

Practitioner: Sky Kho

Practitioner: Michele Chong