Realign Yin Yoga – Package of 4 Classes (Buy 4 Free 1)

RM120.00 + SST 8%

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Every Monday & Thursday @ 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Rebalance your body, mind and soul weekly.

Yearning to unwind and rediscover a sense of serenity? Join our Realign Yin Yoga class for a weekly immersion into stillness. This practice delves deeper, using gentle postures and mindful breathing to guide you towards inner peace and a renewed connection with your body. Leave the world at the door and emerge feeling realigned and whole.


  • Release tightness and cultivate inner peace
  • Enhance flexibility and melt away stress
  • Reconnect to self through mindful breathing and postures

1st trial price: RM35*
Package of 4 Free 1: RM120*
Walk-in: RM50*

*Excl 8% SST

Practitioner: Sucy Chan
Certified Yin Yoga Practitioner & Meditation facilitator