Reset Your Mind


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Have you ever felt trapped? Not just in your home due to MCO but more of a feeling of trapped in your body. Trapped to have to fulfil all that is required of you day in & day out. Feeling all suffocated but have nowhere to go.

May be, MCO just kinda make everything a little worse (if not more).

What if it is possible to go on a little “mental vacation” by just being where you are right now?

Just imagine with me for a while…

The feeling of detaching yourself from all your daily responsibilities & just indulge in a moment of your personal space within you. Yes, a moment that belong only to you, away from everything & everyone. Just you & you alone.

Our mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. So why not imagine something that makes you feel good, relax & yet invigorating?

If you are looking for,

  • personal space
  • inner peace
  • relaxation


Come join this session, where you will

  • Unwind from your hectic routine
  • Detach from your daily dramas
  • Experience deep rejuvenation
  • Reconnect with yourself


Practitioner: Stephanie Ngu