Sleep Sound Therapy


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As you grow older, you might realize that it becomes harder to fall asleep or you might experience insomnia sometimes for no reason. This is because there are stressors every day on your mind, for example, the tasks you have to do tomorrow. It is that much more difficult to clear your mind and hit the hay.

Insufficient or poor sleep can be one of the major causes of depression, obesity, and cardiovascular disease as well as a whole host of other health issues, not to mention the impact on quality of life, relationships and work. This is well documented in many health reports and research studies done worldwide. If you are looking to take some action and steps to avoid a deterioration in your health due to your sleep quality, you might want to try a sound bath. It has recently been proven as an effective scientific method to help increase an individual’s sleep quality and improve one’s memory.

How does sound therapy help you to sleep better?

Sound therapy works wonders in getting you to sleep by lowering your blood pressure. It assists your brain in ‘turning off’ and going into a state of calmness and relaxation. This allows your body to expend more energy on the recovery process and help you to function better the following day. It also assists in helping your mind relax before bed. By activating this relaxation part of your brain, you reduce the activity in the other active parts of your brain, allowing any lingering bedtime stress or anxiety to go away with ease.

Practitioner: Michele Chong