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Do you know that the womb is the holiest temple in a female body?

For many women, the womb is just another organ in their bodies and only when presented with womb related issues that women start to pay attention to it.

Our womb is the source of our creative power and sensuality. It is also the storage space of our emotions, memories and well-being.

Womb wellness is a very powerful journey that reconnects you to the blueprint of feminine power and creation. Within the womb of every woman lies the deepest and one of the most ancient secrets of life. Not only is the womb the holiest temple in a female body, it is also the source of our inner voice, intuition, clarity, creative expression, sensuality, vitality and manifestation.

Join Beatrice Lee in this journey to womb wellness to gain insights into yourself and have better clarity on different areas of your life.

– Overcome your past traumatic experiences that are trapped in your system
– Regain peace and balance within.
– Let go of guilt, grief, pain and bitterness from abortion or miscarriage.
– Upkeep of general well-being of a female physical body. (Particularly effective for women who have difficulty conceiving, experiencing menopause symptoms, irregular menstrual flow & cramps, cysts or fibroids in the womb)
– Restore your relationship with your mother and female ancestral lineage

Practitioner: Beatrice Lee