Thank God It’s Free (TGIFree)

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Thank God It’s Free (TGIFree)

A group of seven are sharing a series of ONLINE meditation sessions to share their personal Transformation journey & Meditation with the Power of Choice!

Theme: 7 Choices To A Fulfilling Life
Date: Every Friday (starting 2 October 2020 – 13 November 2020)
Time: 8.30 – 9.30pm

1. It’s Ok To Fail, It’s Not OK to Quit (2 October 2020)

What do you do whenever you experience failure – whether in your relationships, business or career? Have you ever quit when the going gets tough?

Quitting is easy. Everyone knows how to quit!
Many of us are capable of throwing in the towel at the slightest hint of failure. We can easily find 1001 reasons to give up without batting an eyelid. But can you find 10 reasons to succeed?

Join Lee Lee in this meditation session to find out how to remain positive to see the success in failures and why it’s important to keep moving forward despite challenges.
• Learn the importance of not giving up
• Be empowered to move forward

Practitioner: Yeoh Lee Lee

2. Unfold The Truth In Relationship (9 October 2020)

Why are relationships so hard? Are there any solutions to make relationships work?

Every relationship is in fact full of love. Everyone contributes differently, and being understanding plays an important part in a relationship. Not only to understand others but by realizing that understanding about our own-self is the key to a happy relationship.

Join YK in this meditation to discover the hidden messages in your relationships & learn how to nurture a healthy romantic or family relationships.

There are so many stories hidden behind the scene. Unfold and feel the love, be light and free!
• Heal past pain in romantic or family relationships
• Improve relationships with loved ones
• Feel love & compassion

Practitioner: Yeong Keait

3. Live Your Life With Joy (16 October 2020)

Do you truly feel joyful in your life?
When was the last time you experience true joy?

Most of us find joy only when we achieve certain goals or status. However, that joy is often short-lived and we soon feel empty. We then find ourselves having to reach another goal or status to have that feeling of joy again. And we feel empty again soon after.

How can we break this cycle and sustain the feeling of joy continuously in our life?

Join Michaael Wong in this meditation to discover the meaning of true joy & learn how to easily access the joy within yourself.

Joy empowers, inspires & uplifts our lives!
• Identify the blockages from experiencing joy
• Learn how to find joy within

Practitioner: Michaael Wong

4. NGU = Never Give Up (23 October 2020)

Feeling the sense of dread upon waking up every morning?
Re-living the same nightmare that you wish would have ended with your sleep?

Everyone goes through rough patches in this journey of life. Whether it be in your relationship, your career, or your passion, it can hit and break you that you feel like it will never be okay ever again. Be that as it may, there is no reason for us to give up on life. Life is precious, filled with moments of happiness, fun and adventures that nourish our souls. And we all have a choice to decide how we live it.

Allow Stephanie to share her experience on depression and perseverance, and how the attitude of never-give-up brings her to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

• Uncover the power of perseverance within you
• Re-ignite the feelings of gratitude towards life

Practitioner: Stephanie Ngu

5. Scars To Your Beautiful (30 October 2020)

In life, we tend to be harsh on ourselves. We expect ourselves to be perfect. We do not allow ourselves to make mistakes or fail. Often, we feel not good enough and are always afraid of not looking good or perfect to others. The fact is, we all have the choice to see things from different perspectives. Despite any challenges, we can still live our life to the fullest with contentment.

In this “Scars to your beautiful” session with Junie Lee, she will share with you on how you can see yourself from different perspectives and what you can do to love yourself.
• Set yourself free from self-judgment
• Accept yourself just the way you are

Practitioner: Junie Lee

6. Joy In The Rain (6 November 2020)

Do you remember the joy of freedom when you play in the rain? Recent chaos may have affected you in many different aspects: work, relationship, finance etc.

Yes, we have rainy days but we can always choose to shift our perspective – to see challenges as opportunities. Joy playing in the rain comes when we truly surrender to what happens to us. Believe in a simple principle, life happens for us to experience and grow.

Let’s take a short break from looping in that stress pattern and recall the freedom that is easily accessible to us. Join Mei Boh to recall the sweet and happy memories of having a blissful time in the rain!
• Easily access joy & freedom
• See challenges as blessings or opportunities to grow ourselves

Practitioner: Yeong Mei Boh

7. Celebrate Who You Truly Are (13 November 2020)

Do we live our life with Love & Celebration?

Celebrate Who You Truly Are is to accept and embrace, from the inner to the outer, from the personality to the physical, etc. Unleash your inner beauty and make a change in your life!

In this session, Christina will bring us to a celebration of ourselves together with our heart and joy of being who we truly are.
• Understand self-love is more than just physical
• Accept & embrace yourself inside-out
• Celebrate the authentic magnificent self

Practitioner: Christina Teng