The Art Of Pure Intent (Foundation Level)


Life is a wonder of mysteries but many fail to discover this magic of wonders as they are too busy “suffering” in their daily lives. Everything that happens to us can either shape us or break us. 
Are you sick of repetitive patterns in life?
Are you seeking a break through in life that allows you to create a life that you truly desire?
Or you just want to be able to better manage your overwhelming emotions?

Join us in The Art of Pure Intent (Foundation Level) workshop.

1) to BREAK recurring pattern in life (i.e. broken relationship with work, partner & money)
2) to LET GO of negative emotion PERMANENTLY
3) to understand the BIG PICTURE of life.
4) to VOID all lessons & karmas

To know more, please contact us @ 6014-9511450.

Practitioner: Sky Kho