Unconditional Love


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60 minutes private consultation session for RM378 nett

Unconditional love is the most powerful energy in the whole universe. It touches and melt your heart. It is powerful and yet loving and gentle. There is no judgement, no separation, no expectation, no label of good or bad, but it is just love and acceptance. It is like the love of Mother Gaia that embrace what we human beings have done to her; she just gives and provide us what we need in our daily life. For example, the air, the trees, the plants, the vegetables, the water, the ocean etc. There is no complaint no judgement to us at all. It is like the mother’s love for her child, no matter what the child have done right or wrong, the mother will always accept and love him/her unconditionally.

In this healing session, you will be provided in the space of unconditional love. And you will be guided to connect to your heart, process your emotions, and learn to accept or embrace whatever had happened in your life with the power of unconditional love. You will eventually feel whatever happen in your life, it happens for a reason. It is blessing in disguise and ultimately you will feel loved and grateful as you learn and grow from the incident.

Unconditional love healing helps to heal you in a deeper level which it helps you to:
• Open your heart comfortably
• Open your heart comfortably
• Reconnect yourself with the love within
• Let your heart be free and filled with love again