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What started out as a pursuit of happiness turned into a beautiful journey worth celebrating. This is the story that Stephanie Ngu, the Programme Director for The Golden Space Malaysia shares with the world today. She had never imagined that she would go this far and grow as much as she has.

Stephanie’s journey started in 2010 when her life totally fell apart. Struggling from many relationship failures, feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with corporate working conditions, she was in a state of depression. During that time of darkness, she often felt these words, “Life is meant to be happy and meaningful. We are meant for greater things than just making ends meet and constantly struggling with broken relationships.”

That momentous meltdown triggered the search for answers from within.

Life started to change for the better in July 2011. Her first taste of spirituality came when she joined the “Awaken ~ The Divine You” programme, conducted by the International Metaphysical Spiritual Master Umesh H. Nandwani. The experience totally altered the course of her life. She has transformed from an unconscious and unhappy being, without a goal in life to one that treasures the beauty of life itself.

By continuing with spiritual retreats over the past years, she has realized more of herself, her purpose in life and how she can be a gift to the world. This profound realization set her on the path to serve her life purpose with determination.

Life has not been the same since then.

Today, Stephanie lives a fulfilling life that is beyond words. Her daily mission is to serve everyone who is in need of Love, Peace and Happiness. Something that is so simple, yet hard to find.

Stephanie strongly believes that everyone deserves a life free from constant struggles of the mind and heart. It is possible to live a happy, truthful and peaceful life. All of it starts by deciding to pursue the change that you truly deserve.



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