Yii Hui Lee


Certified Meditation Practitioner

Yii Hui Lee is an Anxiety Therapist and Sales & Marketing Director at The Golden Space Singapore. She is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and attended Rewire The Anxious Brain: Neuroscience for treating Anxiety. DOYOU named her as one of 10 Meditation Teachers That Are Making a Difference in Singapore and she has been interviewed by various media such as Channel 8, New Straits Times for the work that she did. With more than 10 years of experience in the product development industry, she is now applying her skills in the areas for self-improvement for people from all walks of life. Driven by her firm belief that everyone is beautiful and deserves to embrace the beauty of life, her motto in life is “Unleash Your Imagination, Dare To Dream and Make it Your Reality”.

Previously suffering from anxiety attacks and burn-out due to accumulated work stress in past jobs, Hui Lee empathizes with the pain and anguish that a person with anxiety feels. She is passionate about breaking the taboos around mental health conditions so people will not be suffering alone. She believes that mental health does not mean being broken and needing to be fixed, but rather mental health is just like our physical health, when at times we are down with the flu, cough or any other illness and it is just part of living. By rewiring our brain and identifying the source of what makes us ill, we can learn a healthier way to cope with stress, trauma and even negative emotions.

Hui Lee’s signature program is the 5-Elements Re-connection modality, which helps people to identify the source of dysfunction in their life, mostly arising from childhood and traumas. By empowering people to take appropriate actions to resolve these issues, they can become better versions of themselves.

An avid nature lover, Hui Lee is leading the green community of The Golden Space in Singapore, known as Guardians of Mother Earth. During her first post-burnout period, she started healing herself in nature through various outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. Her interactions with nature resulted in a strong bonding between her and Mother Earth. This love and care for the environment and animals has fuelled her passion to expand Guardians of Mother Earth with more activities and events to reach out to the wider community. Today, she and her team has touched thousands of lives through talks, clean-up activities, workshops and games. She believes sustainable living starts from the heart, beginning with our appreciation towards Mother Earth.



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