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Quantum Series

May 21, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Upcoming Quantum Series dates:-
– 23/7
– 20/8
– 23/9
– 22/10

When it comes to problem-solving, we often hear people saying “think outside the box.” In life, we can become stuck with certain ideas due to our limiting beliefs, making it unlikely for us to jump out of the box because of the way our brains are wired. However, quantum physics tells us that reality is not fixed and predetermined, but rather a constantly evolving system of probabilities. In other words, there are an infinite number of possibilities available to us at any given moment.

With such limitations, we are hindered from unleashing the greatness within us, thus limiting our ability to achieve big dreams and create miracles in life. Quantum mechanics shows us that the observer and the observed are intimately connected, and that our thoughts and intentions have a powerful effect on the world around us. By shifting our focus from the limitations of our current reality to the infinite possibilities available in the quantum field, we can tap into a new level of creativity and manifestation.

But what if we could truly jump out of the box instantaneously? What if our brains could be rewired to achieve the impossible? What if all those far-reaching dreams could be highly possible to achieve? This is where the quantum series comes in. By using the principles of quantum mechanics, this 6-month program is designed to create a matrix of energetic space of ALL POSSIBLE. This matrix is a representation of the quantum field, where infinite possibilities exist.

When combined with your intention and decision, the quantum series will recondition your body, mind, and emotions to create greatness in life instantaneously! Through various quantum techniques such as visualization, intention-setting, and energy work, you will learn to harness the power of the quantum field to manifest your dreams and create the life you desire. The program will guide you to use your thoughts, intentions and energies to collapse the probabilities in the quantum field and bring your desires into reality.

In conclusion, the quantum series offers a unique opportunity to tap into the power of the quantum field and create the life you truly desire. By learning to think outside the box and access the infinite possibilities available in the quantum field, you can unlock your full potential and achieve the impossible.

Main benefits of this Quantum Series:-
•  Breaking down rigid mentalities and routine mindsets.
•  Training your brain to behave and think completely differently.
•  Exploring different possibilities that you can create in life.
•  Enjoy jumping “out of the box” experience!
•  Most importantly, having fun creating and living the life that you truly desire!

Single class: RM280*
Package of 6: RM1500*

*All price ex sst
**Pre-requisite: basic meditation practice

Practitioner: Sky Kho

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We have single class and package of 6 options as below:

Single class: RM296.80

Package of 6: RM1590


May 21, 2023
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm