EmpowerHer Well-Being (Trial Package)

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Uncover Your Inner Compass
Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ 8pm – 9pm
Venue: The Golden Space Centre

Feeling lost and unsure of your next step? Let your intuition be your guide. Ditch self-doubt and reconnect with your inner wisdom, navigate life’s uncertainties with newfound confidence, and find peace amidst the chaos. Rediscover the joy of living guided by your own inner light.


  • Cultivate a deeper connection to your inner wisdom for clear choices.
  • Enhance self-awareness and align your actions with your true desires.
  • Discover tools to navigate life and find inner peace.

Practitioner: Sucy Chan




Redefine Your Self
Every 2st & 4rd Tuesday @ 8pm – 9pm
Venue: The Golden Space Centre

Do you know who you truly are?

Whilst the feelings of loneliness, lost and emptiness seem to indicate a sense of identity confusion or loss, but in reality these are signals for us to relook at who we think we are and allow ourselves to redefine our sense of identity.


  • Recognise and breakthrough self-limiting beliefs and conditioning.
  • Redefine yourself identity and your values.
  • Increased awareness and confidence in self.

Practitioner: Moisy Moi


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