Reiki Healing


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60 minutes private consultation session for RM378 nett

Reiki in Japanese means Universal Life Force. It’s a natural, holistic hands-on energy healing system that is targeted at the imbalances of energy in your body, mind and soul.

In life, we face many challenges that affects our physical, mental and emotional state. You could be lethargic from all the sleepless nights over work matters. Or feeling unsupported at home, and this can create looping negative mindset over time. All these causes your energy field to be imbalance and it then causes dis-ease in your physical body.

Reiki aids in relaxation, assist your body’s natural healing processes, relieve emotional stress and improve overall well-being. It is most suitable for those who are highly stressed, anxiety, sleeping disorder, fatigue symptoms and chronic body pain.

After healing, you will feel calm and relaxed, energetic, clear-minded and productive.

• Strengthen and balances the body’s energy for self-healing purposes
• Reduces mental stress and anxiety
• Gain deeper insights to the cause of physical ailments, emotional trauma or blockages

Practitioner: Sucy Chan