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A Magical Journey

Embark on a fun and joyful journey to discover a life of unbounded possibilities! Imagine having a magic wand in your hand, one that you can use to materialize anything you wish for. Yes, life can that simple and magical when we know its secret. All of us hold a magic wand in our hand. […]

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Embracing Self-Love


Life is a learning journey. We go through different experiences, some are pleasant and some are not. However, if we can make conscious choice to grow through our painful experiences (a.k.a self-growth). By learning to embrace our fear, anger, guilt etc with peace and love, we will once again regain harmony within us. Using our […]

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疗愈空间 Mandarin Meditation

从身心灵全方位的角度,知道自己,了解自己,从而学习更爱自己,并全然信任生命。 你将学习到 1. 重新看待自己,了解自己的身体,心志与精神 2. 发掘更多潜在未知的你,开启更多的可能 3. 感受从相信到全然信任的过程 生活的压力,与人沟通的不顺心而生烦恼,缺少时间或意志维持健康的生活形态,童年创伤,家庭阴影,情感受挫,职场不顺等等,都会带来身心的病痛。疗愈空间由2位老师带领,运用各种不同的模式,轻松好玩的帮助你清理,接受,放下,疗愈,恢复健康,自然的你! 获益 - 清理沉积的情绪毒素 - 提升接受 - 放下的智慧 - 疗愈疲惫受伤的身心 导师: Jessie Moo & Alycia Tee